Antique Brass Floor Easel - Front Angle
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Antique Brass Floor Easel with Leaves Shapes at Top

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There are different alternatives for displaying art or information to people, such as wall-mount frames, virtual projection, and so on. The content of the information will influence your decision to display it. Easels are the better option to show artworks or information in a more attractive manner. The colors, form and vintage shapes of this brass floor easel make it an ideal stand to showcase items with style.

  • This antique easel enhances the visual appeal of artworks. It's also useful as a picture stand, particularly for highlighting photos during key occasions like weddings or conferences.
  • The metal easel is also ideal for use as a promotional stand. You may put advertising material on it with signage or chalkboards. Can be used as a menu stand in restaurants.
  • This antique brass easel display stand has an adjustable back leg. You may close it or open it, allowing for an inclined or right angle.
  • The brass easel is 60" tall and can hold wide canvases. The tripod legs are made of sturdy metal and can be adjusted to create the perfect angle for your display. This easel is perfect for anyone who wants to display their artwork in a beautiful and unique way.

60" Tall

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Antique Brass Floor Easel with Leaves Shapes at Top

Antique Brass Floor Easel with Leaves Shapes at Top