Wooden Decorative Cabinet Knobs by Rae Dunn

Room renewal and furniture upgrading are beautifully complemented by adding decorative knobs. Given their designs and colors, knobs would strongly contrast against the background of a storage unit, adding something decidedly different from the surface. Hence, due to our natural inclination to direct attention to distinctive features, the perception of the overall furniture’s aesthetic will change, wonderfully renewing it with just the addition of knobs. In this collection, you will find a nice variety of these revitalizing pieces.

All our decorative cabinet knobs are made of wood, a visually pleasing material given its natural feel. Additionally, most of the units where these pieces can be placed are made of wood too, making a cohesive look without sacrificing the visual interest provided by their designs. Lastly, pulls with this material are highly practical: the installation process is easy, they are durable, noiseless, and eco-friendly.

Our knobs also come in diverse designs. Some feature circular shapes, while others have a squared form. Colors vary from black, white, gray, and natural wood. Designed by Rae Dunn, they incorporate symbols in her artisan style, such as illustrations, terms, and numbers. All have a flat form, making them easy to pull. Lastly, many of these knobs are not only suitable for cabinets but for other types of furniture, such as dressers, nightstands, wardrobe doors, and more.