Bar Carts and Tables

Folding Tray Tables, Bar Carts for Home and More

An elegant presentation is a feature that is included in many liquor bottles. Matching it with an elegant display creates an interesting spot within the home décor. In this collection we offer folding tray tables and bar carts for home that can help to display your liquor and glasses in style. Serving trays with handles are also included in this section, useful additions to these tables.

Many of our bar carts, folding tray tables, and serving trays are made of acrylic. The transparency of this material draws the attention to the items on it, creating a curious yet an eye-catching effect. Acrylic is both a strong and a lightweight material, ensuring impact-resistant tables that can be easily moved within the home. Furthermore, our tables and serving trays are easy to clean, a very practical feature due to these types of solutions are likely to get splattered.

Bar Carts

Our rolling bar carts have both practical and decorative features. They are lightweight and simple to wipe, facilitating the moving within your place and ensuring an easier cleaning process. With liquor bottles and glasses on it, they can create a nice focal point within the living room. Our variety of home bar carts nicely fits within modern décor styles.

Acrylic Folding Tray Tables

The acrylic tray tables are foldable, lightweight, and includes side handles. These features make our tables really easy to move, and the folding attribute makes it simple to store in tiny places. The transparency of the acrylic material gives an interesting touch to it. Nice to place snacks, breakfast, drinks, and any type of tiny objects on it.

Acrylic Serving Trays with Handles

Our acrylic serving trays come in different forms and include handles to facilitate their move. Serving tray sets are also offered in this collection, nice to use in events where serving different types of snacks or candies is needed. These pieces are good to place on ottomans, coffee tables, bar carts, table trays, and more. You can use it to place snacks, sauces, candies, and even small items on it.