Wine Racks

Wine storage racks for home

This section is exclusive for wine storage racks. The collection includes different colors, as black and gold wine racks, and different designs and materials, as metal and wooden wine racks. These wine bottle holders serve for both decorative and practical purposes, ensuring you can keep these drinks in a favorable condition while accentuating your home décor.

Home decoration

Choosing the right wine bottle holder will depend, partly, on your overall home décor style. Metal wine racks can be better for modern styles, while wooden wine racks nicely match farmhouse and rustic designs. Both styles are offered in this section. Remember to place it away from places with high temperatures within your house since it might hurt your wine’s quality.

Wine racks functionality

The right position to place your wine bottles is horizontally, and the purpose of that is to keep the cork moist. The cork is intended to keep the oxygen out, because if too much oxygen enters in the bottle can cause premature ageing of the wine. A moist cork can effectively maintain this element out. Our wine racks permit to place your bottles in a horizontal position, ensuring good quality in your wines.