Clocks Decor

Get Rae Dunn Shelf Clocks

Functional and elegant shelf clocks can be found in this collection. The cases of the clocks are made of metal, a solid material that nicely protects their internal mechanisms. The clocks’ faces are composed of a white background and black color numbers and hands, a contrast that makes the time easy to read. The Rae Dunn font makes it even easier to read since it is characterized by simplicity and beauty, making it clearer yet pleasing to the eyes.

The neutral colors, simplicity and elegant designs of these Rae Dunn clocks make them suitable for farmhouse and modern styles. Given these features and the importance of reading the time, they are nice to place in common home areas, such as living or dining rooms. By last, these shelf clocks do not tick loud, making them adequate for use in spaces where concentration is required.