Doormats, kitchen anti-fatigue mats, and yoga mats

Different types of mats can be found in this section. For getting yourself more comfortable within your kitchen, you can check our anti-fatigue mats. If you want to decorate the entrance of your door, also adding a practical element to it, take a look to our collection of coir doormats. Lastly, if you are looking for a mat for yoga or exercising, our collection of yoga mats can nicely satisfy your need.

Get anti-fatigue kitchen mats

Anti-fatigue mats nicely reduce the tiredness caused by activities that require a long time on your feet, such as cooking or cleaning the dishes. The muscles in the feet and legs reduce their movements when standing on a hard surface for an extended period; therefore the pressure of the body weight affects them more quickly and the blood circulation gets restricted faster. Both effects lead to discomfort and tiredness. Anti-fatigue mats are designed to reduce the impact of these effects: They stimulate subtle movements in the feet and the leg muscles, increasing your comfort and productivity while standing. The shock absorption and the ergonomic designs are other properties that contribute to delay the fatigue.

Our anti-fatigue kitchen mats are both functional and decorative. Their cushioning is made of foam, which not only achieves the effect of stimulating subtle movements but also provides higher alleviation due to their soft and resilient surface. All mats include a textured surface, a feature that makes them non-slip solutions by increasing the friction between the feet and the mat, also making them more visually appealing. Most of these mats come in black and white colors, perfect for farmhouse and modern kitchen décor. Lastly, many of our anti-fatigue mats are designed by Rae Dunn, featuring terms and illustrations with a simple yet eye-catching design, further enhancing their visual appeal.

Get coir doormats

Our coir doormats are highly practical given their coconut fibers and their rubber backing. The fibers create a rough texture and have absorbent properties, nicely trapping dirt and moisture while scraping the feet on it, thus avoiding the floor in front from becoming unclean. The rubber backing strongly adheres to the floor, effectively preventing water from seeping through the mat and damaging the area underneath. Additionally, both the strength of the fibers and the solid adherence of the rubber combine to make the mat a resistant and non-slipping solution, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing the mat’s durability.

Our coco doormats are not only nice in terms of practicality but also in their aesthetics. They all feature warm colors, contributing to create a sense of comfort right from the entrance. Many include welcoming terms on them, further accentuating the comforting sensation. Dog-themed doormats are also offered, perfect for pet lovers. Lastly, some of our mats measure 30” in length x 18” in height, while others measure 36” in length x 24” in height; allowing you to choose one that fits better with your doors to ensure an adequate visual balance.

Get PVC non-slip yoga mats

The yoga mats in this collection are made of PVC material with five millimeters of thickness, adding to their practicality. PVC is known for its strength, making it perfect for withstanding regular use without wearing out quickly. In addition to its strength, its non-porous nature makes it a water-resistant material; nicely contributing to its durability, providing ease of cleaning and suitability for sweaty exercises. Moreover, the five millimeters of thickness make it more comfortable for yoga practitioners, providing support for standing poses, comfort in restorative poses, and insulation from hard floors.

The design of our PVC yoga mats further contributes to the functionality while making them aesthetically pleasant. They feature a textured surface that improves grip and traction due to the raised patterns on it, also providing stimulating sensations and enhancing their appeal. Given the depth of the texture, the solidness of the PVC, and the support of its thickness, these features make the mats non-slip solutions. Designed by Rae Dunn, all these non-slip yoga mats feature yoga-related terms in Rae Dunn font, nicely providing inspiration and adding visual interest to these items.